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Dos Riberas

Dos Riberas, Spanish for "twin river banks", is the story of a Uruguayan who -while still a girl- crossed the River Plate and moved to Argentina. In Dos Riberas, the culture and traditions of both sides of the river serve to join two other banks: those of craft and technology, which become seamlessly complementary in this undertaking. Dos Riberas’ launch was held in Buenos Aires in 2002. Progressively, it was turned into a workshop where objects and accessories for garment use and for indoor decoration are both designed and manufactured. At present, our collection includes jewelry and decoration objects, as well as pieces of art. Dos Riberas’ style stresses joy and a playful attitude, striving for elegance and unstructured sophistication and always keeping in mind that it is the wearer who finally gives our objects their final shape and soul.














Diana Schimmel

Diana Schimmel -the girl who crossed the river and Dos Riberas’ founder- belongs to a French family and was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. She graduated as an architect in Buenos Aires, exerting her profession both in Argentina and Uruguay and also teaching at Buenos Aires Architecture and City Planning School. In 2001, she got involved in art related objects, her second passion. Her first developments were inspired in her motto "from art to the object", bringing together art and artisan-like mass production.















Dos Riberas workshop

We are a small team designing and leading other teams of draftsmen, silversmiths, artists, ceramics sculptors, textile manufacturers, printers, metalworkers and carpenters in the quest to combine a diversity of materials into beautiful objects. This teamwork keeps enriching our products. We insist on giving a different meaning to daily materials, in enhancing their aesthetic potential, in trying different and innovative combinations and searching for new materials. Therefore, our collections always offer a wide variety of proposals, each of them in its most suitable material. We usually combine metals such as silver, copper and bronze, aluminum, embroidered and fretwork fabric -designed by Dos Riberas and exclusively knitted for us-, silks, tyvek®, ecological paper, resin and enamel, PVC, leather, ceramic, wood, seeds and crystals, among others. We combine the exclusivity of craftsmen’s abilities with the capability to produce in large quantities. We achieve this by joining the best of artisan work with a large experience in industrial systems. Our objects are a synthesis of both.











A growing undertaking

All along, we have been collaborating with well-known fashion stores in Buenos Aires and selling our accessories at local museum shops such as MALBA and Museo Sívori. We have partnered with the Argentinean branches of major brands in haute couture, such as Christian Lacroix’s Spring-Summer 2003 collection of accessories and Escada’s Spring-Summer 2004 collection. We took part in important art and fashion fairs in our country, such as Arte BA, Buenos Aires Fashion Week and Puro Diseño Argentina. We have also exhibited in the following international trade shows: Livingroom Tokyo, Prêt à Porter Paris -show for which we designed the 40.000 Atmosphère’s visitors' bracelet and their 2005 press gift-, ENK Accessorie Circuit New York, and we are currently doing so at Première Classe Paris and New York International Gift Fair. Our creations are sold in Europe, United States, Japan, Australia, Uruguay and Argentina. Some of our current customers are important boutiques, such as L'Eclaireur and Franck et Fils (Paris), Materie (Rome), Jocomomola (Madrid) and Junko Koshino (Tokyo). We have also been selling our products through the most important museum shops worldwide: Thyssen-Bornemisza (Madrid), Musée Océanographique (Monaco), MoMA (New York) and SFMoMA (San Francisco), among many others.



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