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Dos Riberas, Spanish for “twin river Banks”, is the story of a Uruguayan who –while still a girl- crossed the River Plate and moved to Argentina.

In Dos Riberas, culture and traditions of both sides of the river serve to join two other Banks: those of craft and technology, which become seamlessly complementary in the objects it design and produces.

Diana Schimmel –the girl who crossed the river and Dos Riberas’ founder- graduated as an architect. In 2001, she got involved in art related objects, her second passion. Her developments are inspired in her motto "from art to the objects".

Our Mission

We considerer our work as that of the design and production workshop which has its theoretical bases with some intellectual and pragmatic trends.

That our creations should be useful, that they amuse and cheer up the wearer, being also elegant and smart. That they give a different meaning to daily materials, revaluating their aesthetic potentiality.

That when precious materials are used, design value must always be added up to their own value.

That production involves teamwork throughout the entire process: from its conception all the way though to final marketing.

That something must always added: ideas, effort, talent or charm.

That the best of artisan work should be linked to the best of industrial systems because this is Latin America, and we have both of them. Some of our objects have more of one or the other but all of them are a synthesis of both.

We are dynamic and flexible. Our ideas are in constant evolution, always working together and adjusting to changes in tendencies, colors, new materials and designs that are the essence of or activity.

Let yourself go

During a hectic professional time working as an architect, with all the stress it implied, l discovered myself doing manual tasks, of which I was an expert in my childhood, almost automatically. These quickly turned into a strongly gratifying escape from daily tension. These jobs soon took off and became little works of art and they went on growing on their own until turning into an activity which was a paralel one first but then exclusive in my creative job.

When it comes to design the creative process is only one. If the "what" is what matters, to design either a hospital or a spoon, a chair or a necklace may result equally difficult or easy. It is neither the scale nor the subject what is important but the adequate response to people's problems in a determined place and time. The main difference between architecture and jewllery, in my case, is given by the serial production process that jewellery implies.

They are not an option so that one may anihilate the other; it is all about a vital continuity that ads but does not subtract, being the complement of a creative activity into motion.

My advice is to let yourself go, to be honest with yourself.

Diana Schimmel

diana schimmel

Diana Schimmel

Diana Schimmel was born and brought up in Uruguay, a lovely and cozy place on the planet, situated on the Atlantic Ocean in the mild zone of South-America.

There she grew up and had an ordinary childhood and her teen-age years were rebellious and noisy, that is to say also ordinary; showing a certain impatience to wish her life away and when she was 18 she moved to live in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.

In that place she studied Architecture, the career in which she hoped to capture her expectations of action, change and creation of the reality, performing an outstanding career being honored and awarded by professors and university authorities.

Once an architect, she worked together with Argentinean professionals, gaining wisdom and experience, getting into projects and managing of building works of different characteristics, until finally she opened her own studio performing then, with her personal touch, works of diverse subjects and different scales such as offices, collective and individual homes, shops, industrial warehouses, etc.

Her job as an architect was coined by the research of the communion between the artistic and the technical within the framework of a social and economic timeline reality: that of her own time.

Being a person with a restless spirit, this led her to develop, as if by playing a game, a series of plastic activities with several materials which were quickly turned into design objects, not only related with the act of dwelling but also with the personal use world through fashion and its accessories.

That way she discovered a brave new world of relations between materials, forms and uses, colors and textures, which were knocked into shape a bit by chance and a lot by the wisdom and dexterity of her art in a new field for her creative energy.

The entrepreneurial vision, present in her biological DNA (being her father an entrepreneur), led her to fund her own company and to participate in places and international events: Paris, NY, San .Francisco, Japan, with a big success, turning into a SFMoMA provider, one of her first achievements in the world, Thyssen Bornemissa of Madrid, Caixa Forum de Barcelona, Galerie Bensimon in Paris, L'Eclaireur de Paris, work altogether with the clothes designer SYBYLLA in Spain, ISETAN in Tokyo, etc.

The most important is that her restless and always moving spirit, once she gets a target, is already chasing another one, making life a research and activity whirlwind and the result is the production of a big amount of talent crystallized in excellent objects of design.

Her company Dos Riberas (Two Riverbanks) expresses her history: the two banks of River Plate and two ways of communicating by designing what she knows to do: architecture to live and objects to use.

Dos Riberas


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